There has always been a huge debate about which is better; PPC (Pay Per Click) or SEO (Search Engine Optimization). As a newbie blogger, I figured I should look into this and determine what seperates these two programs and decide which direction I should take; PPC or SEO?

Pay per click is an advertising model used on search engines, content websites (i.e. blogs) and other advertising networks where advertisers only pay when someone clicks on an advertisement to visit the advertiser’s website. With search engines, the advertisers usually bid on keyword phrases relevant to the market they’re targeting. When a user types in a keyword query matching an advertiser’s keyword list the advertisements will then be displayed. These advertisements is called sponsored links or sponsored ads and appears next to or above the results on the search engine results page. Content websites usually charge a fixed price fora click instead of using the bidding system. The CPC (costs per click) vary depending on the search engine and level ofcompetition for a phrase or keyword (some CPCs is as low as 1 cent).
Pay per click can be categories into two categories; sponsored match (keywords) and content match. Sponsored match is the display of advertisements on the search engine results page and Content Match is the display of advertisements on the websites, newsletters, and emails. Basically, PPC programs do not generate any revenue from web traffic for the websites that display the advertisements. Revenue is only generated when someone clicks on the advertisement itself.
Search Engine Optimization is a term used to describe the process in which traffic to a website is increasingly generated by search engines by way of search results. SEO is basically internet marketing through an understanding of how the search algorithms work combined with the knowledge of what people might search for. The goal is to create a site that contain keywords that people will most likely search for when looking for information. In other words, SEO is one of the most effective things you can do on the internet. Geting your website optimized so that the search engines will reward you by sending traffic your way.
Why SEO?
Everyday, millions and millions of people surf the web to find out what they;re looking for. If your website doesn’t come up as one of the top results, your website won’t get traffic and without that traffic, you’ll lose to your competitors. SEO will bring visitors to your website, but it could also help to increase the return on the investment (if you harness that power properly). SEO isn’t that easy though, it takes careful planning, patience and a long-term approach.

4 Ways to start with SEO

Creating traffic targeted content
Identify the keywords and categorize them under various themes and write contents on those themes. You can use a Keyword Suggestion tool to see how many people search for a certain keyword. Once you’ve figured out the right keywords, use it properly on your site so that the page appeals to both the visitors and the search engines. Title tags and meta tags can also help in ranking your site on the search engines.

Make your pages Search Engine ready
Check your pages and make sure that they’re search engine ready, in other words are they crawlable by the search engine spiders? Make sure your content is readable, add only relevant keywords and importantly, do not add invisible text (most search engines find them out and will ban your site).

Submit your site to Search Engines
Once you’re ready, start submitting your site to the popular search engines. Some search engines may require a few periodical submissions, but if you need help, get a Site Submission tool (you can find it available on the web).

Track your performance
If you find that your site’s rank or position in the search engines has gone down, then you’re going to have to modify the content on your site so that the search engines know that your page is still active. One of the main reasons that your rank can go down is because the Search Engines changing their algorithm, new websites with the same keywords as yours, or your competitor sites optimizing themselves for the Search Engines. It’s important that you keep track of your ranking and continue to modify your site to fit the changes. This will help enhance your rank on the search results.

Even though SEO seems to be a bit complicated, it’s actually the most cost effective, easy to implement Internet marketing strategy that can get your more traffic and in effect more revenue.

Since this blog is rather new, the best thing for me right now would be SEO. I don’t have that much traffic so therefore, generating traffic would be my first priority with this blog.


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