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I was looking through some social media/networking sites (Facebook, Myspace, etc.) and I came across Twitter. I’ve seen many blogs that has the option to “follow me on twitter” but I never paid no mind to it. I got curious because almost every blog I’ve visited has that feature. I’ve visited their site and it reminds me of a less condensed version of Facebook. I decided to sign up and join their network to see if I can generate any traffic off of them as well. Social Media these days is the way to go if you want to market your blog/site. 

About Twitter
Twitter is a free social networking or micro blogging service that lets its users to send and read other members’ updates (they call that a tweet), which is text-based and is only 140 characters in length. Updates is displayed on the member’s profile page and is sent out to other members of twitters who signed up to receive them. The sender himself can restrict delivery to those in his friend’s list, but the delivery to every is by default.  Twitter users can receive updates on the actual Twitter website, instant messaging, RSS, SMS, or email through an application such as Facebook or Twitterrific ( I think it’s also called some other names as well)

Known Uses of Twitter
– Large Businesses like Cisco Systems and Whole Foods Market uses twitter to provide product/service information.
– The LA Fire Department used Twitter during the California wildfires in October 2007.
– NASA also used Twitter when they discovered what appeared to be ice on Mars
– Democratic Party nominee Barack Obama also used Twitter for his presidential campaigns as a publicity mechanism
– Activists used Twitter to co-ordinate their street protests at the 2008 Republican Convention in Minneapolis/St. Paul

Twitter was originally  a project for research and development that started inside a San Francisco company called Obvious in March 2006. Initially it was used internally by the company’s employees and officially launched in October 2006. Twitter rapidly gained in popularity and soon won the 2007 South by Southwest Web Award in the blog category. In April 2007, Obvious took the service  and placed it under the name Twitter, Inc. with Jack Dorsey (the man behind behind the concept of Twitter) as CEO.

Los Angeles Fire Department. Twitter/LAFD
“About Us” Twitter

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