A Little Bit of Me
I’m an aspiring newbie blogger currently working full-time as an IT Analyst. I’m an automotive enthusiast and an amateur photographer (still trying to work on my skills tho, it’s not good enough yet). I’m the easy-going, laid back, always joking, never hardly ever serious, type of guy. I like all kinds of sports (typical guy). I play pickup basketball when I can with a few friends just to help keep my body young and active. I enjoy stupid comedy (zoolander, napolean dynamite, office space, etc.), action and horror movies. Lately I’ve been into the asian horror movies and it’s only getting crazier. Ong-Bak, Transformers, and The Protector is just a few of the movies I currently enjoy.  It’s always hard to describe one’s self so if there’s anything else you think you need to know don’t hesitate to contact me or just leave a comment and I’ll make sure to get back to you.

My Goal
I decided to start here at WordPress.com just to kick things off in hopes of attracting an audience large enough for me to get my own domain. I’ve been researching enough on SEO’s, PPC’s and monetization so when the time comes I can (hopefully) turn traffic into income. It’s plain and simple for now, but if everything goes well, I’m pretty sure I can come up with something bigger and better.


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