$15 Million Dollar Blog

As I was surfing the net, going from blog to blog, I landed on www.johnchow.com (a dot com mogul for those that don’t know) and saw his post about a blog that was sold for $15 million dollars. Bankaholic is a blog that is run alone by Johns Wu (yes he does have an “s” on his first name). A financial info site called Bankrate bought Bankaholic “paying $12.4 million up front and another $2.5 million possible earnout over the next 12 months” (Johns will continue to blog at Bankaholic though).

I’ve never heard of a blog being sold for $15 million before so when I read of this it motivated me even more to try and start a blog of my own. I’m going to do a little expirement and see how much traffic I can generate in a month’s time. Hopefully, I can be at a level close to bloggers like John Chow.